1.5. Connection/result handles as commands

Starting with version 1.5, you can use the connection/result handle as a Tcl command. What this means is that when a handle for a connection or result is generated, a corresponding Tcl command is also generate. For example, you can do the following:

set conn [pg::connect template1 -host $host -port $port]
set res [$conn exec "SELECT datname FROM pg_database ORDER BY datname;"]
set datnames [$res -list]
$res -clear
rename $conn {} ;# or $conn disconnect

Note that deleting the command (rename $conn {}), has the same effect as pg::result $res -clear (if it is a result handle), and pg::disconnect (if it is a connection handle). Also, if that command gets overloaded with a proc definition, then that has the same effect as deleting the command.